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"Unlock Your Financial Freedom with the Simplest Approach to Real Estate: 'Building Your Social Capital' with Coach Alicia"

"Revolutionize Your Earnings Through a Simple yet Powerful Approach to Real Estate Investing - No Experience, Certifications, or Perfect Credit Score Required!"

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Serve While Earning

Meet a vital community need while ensuring a steady income.

Expert Guidance

Leverage Coach Alicia's expertise in securing over $10 million in funding for small businesses.

Become a Hero

Become a part of the solution to the national housing crisis.

Maximize Returns

Benefit from the scaling opportunities offered by the group home model.

Even If You Believe You...

Don't have enough capital

Our strategies require minimal upfront investment.

Lack time

Our model enables you to generate passive income, freeing up your time.

Don't have the right education

A college degree isn't necessary to succeed.

Don't have experience in real estate

Coach Alicia will guide you step-by-step.

Have a poor credit score

Our framework is accessible to everyone.

Lack support

 You will join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and get direct coaching from Alicia.

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About the Program

The "Building Your Social Capital" program is a unique opportunity for budding real estate entrepreneurs who are aiming to establish profitable, purposeful, and socially beneficial businesses. The program leverages the HOME framework – an innovative and comprehensive approach that allows anyone, regardless of their financial situation or experience, to succeed in the real estate market.


Minimal Investment, Maximum ROI

With our HOME framework, you don't need significant capital or real estate experience to start your investment journey.


to All

Even with a poor credit score or a record, you can build a profitable real estate business that serves the community.


Support from an Expert

Leverage Coach Alicia's wealth of experience in securing over $10 million in funding for small businesses.


Make a

Develop group home-styled independent living facilities that not only provide robust returns but also fulfill a pressing social need.

The HOME Framework


Housing Market Understanding

Learn how to analyze market trends and maximize your marketing strategies.


Operations Mastery

Discover best practices for managing your workforce, creating alliances, and generating revenue.


Marketing Techniques

Master effective marketing techniques for both offline and online promotion.



Understand legal considerations, regulatory compliance, and the art of business evaluation.

Bonus Module

In the Scaling and Expansion module, understand the growth potential of opening more facilities and creating a network of Independent Living Facilities. Explore the opportunities and challenges associated with scaling up your real estate business.

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Sign Up Today!

If you're ready to take control of your financial future and make a positive impact in your community, don't wait another moment. Sign up for the "Building Your Social Capital" coaching program with Coach Alicia today!


The Challenge

The affordable housing crisis continues to surge, hitting hardest three significant demographics - our aging population (baby boomers), brave veterans, and tireless single parents working multiple jobs. Market trends, such as gentrification and skyrocketing rental prices, continue to price these vulnerable groups out of neighborhoods. But what if you could be a part of the solution while also securing a consistent, passive income stream for yourself?

Seize the Opportunity Today!

Your journey to financial freedom and social impact starts here. Enroll in the 'Building Your Social Capital' program and let Coach Alicia guide you in transforming communities while building wealth.


We're so confident in the value of our program that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll work with you until you have found your property and get it set up - no questions asked.


Don't miss this unique opportunity to secure your financial freedom while serving your community. Join us in the "Building Your Social Capital" coaching program and start your journey to success today!

Best Value

Building Your Social Impact And Capital



Valid until canceled

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